Update on NF and RCF Rate Letters

This is an update to the August 10 message on rate letters for Nursing Facilities (NF) and Residential Care Facilities (RCF PNMI C). In that message the Department committed to sending the following information by the end of August:

  1. 7/1/22 NF rebased rates excluding forthcoming Part AAAA adjustments
  2. 7/1/22 RCF High MaineCare Utilization Payment (HMUP) add-on amounts pursuant to Public Law 2022 Chap 635

The above information is posted at the HealthPAS portal: NF rates, RCF HMUPs.

Rate letters that include the Part AAAA adjustments remain on the agreed upon schedule discussed in the bulletin linked above for no later than October 3, 2022.


For questions regarding this message, please contact Grace Williams in MaineCare Rate Setting.