MaineCare’s Rate System Evaluation

Project Purpose

MaineCare reimburses health providers for care and treatment they provide to MaineCare members. This includes a wide range of providers, from hospitals and primary care clinics to therapists, behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment facilities, and nursing facilities, among many others. Over the years, MaineCare has used varying methods to determine reimbursement rates to providers, which has contributed to a rate system that is fragmented and outdated. Therefore, MaineCare is conducting an evaluation of its rates and rate setting system and developing a plan for the creation of a comprehensive, streamlined, and coherent system that will support MaineCare members' access to high value-services. The evaluation will include all MaineCare services with the exception of Pharmacy and Non-Emergency Transportation.

See the Rate System Evaluation Update for more information on this process, the schedule, and stakeholder engagement efforts.

Rate System Timeline and Deliverables (PDF)

Phase 1 Benchmarking Report

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Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

Phase 2 Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

Schedule and Overview (PDF)


Phase 1 Stakeholder Engagement Meetings


Phase 1 Stakeholder Engagement Meeting Recordings


For more information, please contact Peter Kraut.