Information for Public Water Systems

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What is a Public Water System? Definitions and examples of public water systems and types of public water systems

Contacts for Public Water System Inspectors

Public Drinking Water in Maine: Annual Report 2019

Public Drinking Water in Maine: Annual Report 2018

Public Drinking Water in Maine: Annual Report 2017

Public Drinking Water in Maine: Annual Report 2016

Public Drinking Water in Maine: Annual Report 2015

Capacity Development

Changes to Public Water Systems

Drinking Water Commission

Drinking Water Orders Information about the types of drinking water orders that are issued when a threat to the public exists from contamination of a public water systems drinking water

Emergency Response Resources Resources for responding to emergencies, such as severe weather events, loss of pressure/water, treatment failure, and boil water orders.

Financial Resources Funding programs available to public water systems

Mapping of Public Water Systems in Maine Mapping of public water system sources and protection areas in Google Earth

New Well and New Source Approval Steps for obtaining approval of a new public water system, or approval for a new well or new source for an existing public water system

Operator Requirements Licensed water operator requirements for public water systems

Reporting Water test result reporting, monthly operating reports (MORs), consumer confidence reports

NEW! Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR)

Rules, Regulated Contaminants, and Policies Links to Federal and State of Maine drinking water regulations and policies

Water Sampling & Testing Water system sampling, Drinking Water Testing Requirements, how to collect water samples

Seasonal Water Systems Resources for seasonal water systems such as campgrounds, golf courses, sporting camps, and ski areas

Security and Emergency Preparedness Guidance, resources, and information on preparing, implementing, and updating drinking water security and emergency preparedness plans

Source Water Protection Guidance, resources, and information for protecting drinking water sources and preventing contamination

Technical Assistance Information on technical assistance available to public water systems

Treatment Addition, removal, and changes to drinking water treatment, treatment system maintenance, water treatment chemicals, monthly operating reports (MORs), and treatment failures

Violations & Enforcement Types of violations incurred by public water systems: Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) exceedances, failure to monitor and report, and treatment techniques

Water System Inspections Information about the types of on-site inspections conducted at public water systems by Drinking Water Program Field Inspectors