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Public Water System Technical Assistance

The Field Inspection Team provides on-site advice and assistance to public water systems regarding operation, maintenance, treatment, quality control, testing waivers and testing requirements. The Field Inspection Team also investigates complaints made by the public, provides waterborne disease investigations, and provides technical advice during emergency situations.

The Drinking Water Program also partners with the Maine Rural Water Association (MRWA) to provide small water systems with free, on-site technical assistance by two Water Quality Specialists. These Water Quality Specialists can help with reviewing the operation of a treat-ment process, collecting samples, answering your questions on regulations, filling out reports or finding a leak. Transient, Non-Community, Non-Transient (NTNC), and small Community water systems can call MRWA directly for assistance or be referred by the Drinking Water Program for a visit. Additionally, MRWA has Circuit Riders available for assistance with treatment issues, regulatory compliance assistance, leak detection and line location and are able to provide assistance in the creation of Emergency Response Plans and Vulnerability Assessments.

If you want assistance on a water quality problem or compliance question there is help available by contacting your Drinking Water Program compliance officer or field inspector at 287-2070, or MRWA at 737-4092.

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