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Reporting Test Results

Required Testing Sheets

Missing a Sampling Deadline

Exceeding the MCL

Monthly Operating Reports

Consumer Confidence Reports


Reporting Test Results

All public water systems are required to regularly sample and test their water to ensure that it meets federal and state drinking water standards and is safe to drink.

  1. Water samples must be tested by an accredited laboratory;
  2. The results must be submitted to the DWP by the tenth (10th) of the month following the close of the monitoring period;
  3. All results of laboratory analyses for compliance purposes must be submitted to the DWP by an accredited laboratory that was contracted by the PWS to analyze the samples.

Public water systems should be sure to include their PWSID# and water system name on the Chain of Custody (sample collection) form, and be sure to indicate to the laboratory that the sample is a compliance sample and the results must be sent to the DWP.

Data Management and Rule Administration staff members review all analytical data and allocate violations to systems. Violations are generally issued when the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for an analyte is exceeded or the system fails to test the water supply - or report the results - when required to do so.


Required Testing Sheets

Required Testing Sheets (RTS), also known as Sampling Schedules, are mailed out to all public water systems at the beginning of each year, or the beginning of the operating period if your public water system operates seasonally. If you are unsure of your sampling schedule or have questions, please contact your Public Water System Inspector or call the DWP main line at 287-2070. You can also access your RTS online by clicking here.


Missing a Sampling Deadline

If a sampling deadline is missed, it is important that the DWP is notified of the oversight as soon as the problem comes to light. The PWS will also receive a Failure to Monitor (FTM) violation and will be required to conduct Public Notification. Documentation included with any violation provides Public Notification paperwork and specific requirements that must be followed to re-enter compliance.


Exceeding the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL)

If the results of any required water test exceed the MCL for that contaminant, the PWS will be issued a violation and will be required to conduct a Public Notification. Again, included documentation will provide Public Notification paperwork and note the requirements that must be followed to re-enter compliance.


Monthly Operating Reports (MOR)

All public water systems that add a chemical(s) to their water must submit a Monthly Operating Report to the DWP. For more information or for electronic versions of MORs, visit the Monthly Operating Reports page of this website.


Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR)

All Community public water systems are required to prepare and provide their customers with an annual report on the quality of their drinking water. This report is called a Consumer Confidence Report. To learn more about the reporting requirements for CCRs, visit the Consumer Confidence Reports page of this website.

Updated 4/21/2023