Surface Water Ambient Toxics Monitoring Program (SWAT)

Contact: Questions may be directed to authors of each study or to Tom Danielson, 207-441-7430

Maine’s Surface Water Ambient Toxics (SWAT) monitoring program was established in 1993. Its goal is to determine the nature, scope, and severity of toxic contamination in the surface waters and fisheries of the State. SWAT monitors tissue, sediment, and the water column in all waters of the State. This includes monitoring the health of organisms that may indicate toxic conditions. The program collects data to understand the risks to human and environmental health posed by these toxic contaminants.

SWAT data is available through EGAD.

Surface Water Ambient Toxics (SWAT) Monitoring Program Report

2017-2018 SWAT Report (PDF)


Waterbody Town Station
Bond Brook Augusta 30
Bond Brook Augusta 597
Bond Brook - Unnamed Trib Augusta 489
Burnham Brook Big Moose TWP 869
Carrabassett River Kingfield 16
Cove Brook Winterport 813
Carrying Place Stream Carrying Place TWP 768
Cobbosseecontee Stream Gardiner 253
Cold Brook Skowhegan 255
Creamer Brook T19 ED BPP 1115
Ducktrap River Lincolnville 626
East Branch Wesserunsett Stream Athens 486
East Branch Sebasticook River Corinna 194
Fifteenmile Stream Benton 602
Halfmoon Stream Thorndike 697
Hardy Brook Madrid TWP 769
Jamie's Stream Manchester 791
Kennebec River Bingham 636
Kennebec River Madison Madison 405
Kennedy Brook Augusta 620
Lily Bay Brook Lily Bay TWP 844
Little River Belfast 850
Martin Stream Dixmont 755
Martin Stream Dixmont 756
Moose Brook Big Moose TWP 1111
North Brook Liby Bay TWP 841
Orberton Stream Madrid TWP 840
Richardson Brook T19 ED BPP 1114
Richardson Brook T19 ED BPP 1115
Sandy River Farmington 572
Sandy River Phillips 17
Sheepscot River Whitefield 74
South Branch Carrabassett River Carrabassett Valley 836
Stone Brook Augusta 944
Stoney Brook Wyman TWP 1113
Stratton Brook Wyman TWP 1114
Togus Stream Pittston 612
Wesserunsett Stream Cornville 488
West Branch Sebasticook River PIttsfield 27
West Branch Sheepscot River Whitefield 550
West Branch Sheepscot River China 268
Androscoggin River Bethel 355
Androscoggin River Brunswick 954
Androscoggin River Mexico 41
Aunt Hannah Brook Dixfield 343
Bear River Newry 866
Bird Brook Norway 340
Bobbin MIll Brook Auburn 357
Bowley Brook Weld 1003
Cupsuptic River Upper Cupsuptic TWP 999
Ducktrap River Lincolnville 1146
Ducktrap River Lincolnville 626
East Branch Wesserunsett Stream Athens 486
East Brook Weld 1002
Frye Brook Andover West Surplus 1000
Gully Brook Auburn 695
Halfmoon Stream Thorndike 697
Hall Brook Thorndike 1147
Kennebago River Rangeley 868
Little Androscoggin River Greenwood 1009
Little Androscoggin River Paris 43
Little Androscoggin River Paris 79
Little River Belfast 850
Nezinscot River Turner 860
Rangeley River Rangeley 136
Rangeley River Rangeley 137
Sabattus River Sabattus 629
Sabattus River Sabattus 359
Sabattus River Lisbon 170
Stetson Brook Lewiston 356
Sunday River Newry 444
Sunday River Bethel 354
Swift River Roxbury 346
Swift River Rumford 345
Tumbledown Brook Weld 1142
Twitchell Brook Greenwood 1141
Unnamed Stream Lewiston 857
Unnamed Stream #4 Topsham 634
Unnamed Stream #4 Brunswick 643
West Branch Ellis River Andover 872
West Branch Nezinscot River Sumner 664
West Branch Sheepscot River Whitefield 550
West Branch Sheepscot River China 268
Wild River Gilead 103

Past Reports

2015-2016 SWAT Report (PDF)

  • Individual Station reports 2015-2016 (zip file)

2014 SWAT Report (PDF)

2013SWAT Report (PDF)

2012 SWAT Report (PDF)

2011 SWAT Report (PDF)