Surface Water Ambient Toxics Monitoring Program (SWAT)

Contact: Questions may be directed to authors of each study or to Tom Danielson, 207-441-7430

Maine’s Surface Water Ambient Toxics (SWAT) monitoring program was established in 1993. Its goal is to determine the nature, scope, and severity of toxic contamination in the surface waters and fisheries of the State. SWAT monitors tissue, sediment, and the water column in all waters of the State. This includes monitoring the health of organisms that may indicate toxic conditions. The program collects data to understand the risks to human and environmental health posed by these toxic contaminants.

SWAT data are available through EGAD.

Surface Water Ambient Toxics (SWAT) Monitoring Program Report

2021-2022 SWAT Report (PDF)


Waterbody Town Station
Scarey Brook Nashville Plt 1162
Birch Brook Presque Isle 1019
Cowett Brook Presque Isle 1021
Unnamed Brook Presque Isle 1027
Hockenhull Brook Fort Fairfield 1026
North Fork Mclean Brook St. Agatha 922
Getchell Brook Easton 925
Rocky Brook Mars Hill 375
Frost Brook Westfield 1022
Williams Brook Presque Isle 1031
Oliver Brook Hodgdon 1005
Pearce Brook Houlton 463
Smith Brook Houlton 1007
Salmon Brook Washburn 377
Gray Brook Fort Fairfield 1023
Kennedy Brook Presque Isle 646
Dickey Brook Cross Lake Twp 688
Salmon Brook Perham 376
Big Brook Madawaska 728
Unnamed Brook Madawaska 1030
North Branch Meduxnekeag River TC R02 Wels 780
Moose Brook Houlton 466
Mill Brook Ludlow 1164
Hacker Brook Fort Fairfield 1024
Coloney Brook Fort Fairfield 733
Otter Brook Caribou 1035
Amsden Brook Fort Fairfield 1018
West Branch Sheepscot River China 268
Sheepscot River Whitefield 74
East Branch Wesserunsett Stream Athens 486
Hall Brook Thorndike 1147
Halfmoon Stream Thorndike 697
Creamer Brook T19 ED BPP 1115
Beaverdam Stream Wesley 1149
Seboeis River T06 R07 Wels 737
Concord Gully Freeport 498
Concord Gully Freeport 497
Chenery Brook Falmouth 1169
Mill Creek Falmouth 1167
Goosefare Brook Saco 48
Great Works River North Berwick 439
Goosefare Brook Saco 271
Red Brook Scarborough 219
Mousam River Sanford 391
Mousam River Sanford 390
Red Brook South Portland 412
Capisic Brook Portland 257
Capisic Brook Portland 1039
Mare Brook Brunswick 457
Mare Brook Brunswick 1064
Mare Brook Brunswick 330
Mount Blue Stream Avon 1182
Piscataqua River Cumberland 758
Piscataqua River Falmouth 759
Trout Brook South Portland 675
Trout Brook Cape Elizabeth 1040
Phillips Brook Scarborough 953
Mile Brook Casco 998
Pleasant River Gray 394
Sheepscot River Whitefield 74
West Branch Sheepscot River China 268
South Branch Sandy River Phillips 600
Merriland River Wells 437
Nason's Brook Portland 638
Blood Brook Katahdin Iron Works Twp 666
West Branch Pleasant River Katahdin Iron Works Twp 286
West Branch Pleasant River Katahdin Iron Works Twp 686
Mousam River Sanford 259
Mousam River Sanford 388
Bull Branch Sunday River Riley Twp 659
Wild River Batchelders Grant Twp 674
Card Brook Ellsworth 815
Narramissic River Orland 1094
Black Brook Windham 1181
Pleasant River Windham 155
Pleasant River Windham 548
Thacher Brook Biddeford 451
West Brook Biddeford 797
Kennebunk River Kennebunk 270
Tannery Brook Gorham 474
Salmon Falls River Berwick 52
East Branch Wesserunsett Stream Athens 486

Past Reports

2019-2020 SWAT Report (PDF)

2017-2018 SWAT Report (PDF)

2015-2016 SWAT Report (PDF)

2014 SWAT Report (PDF)

2013 SWAT Report (PDF)

2012 SWAT Report (PDF)

2011 SWAT Report (PDF)