Children's Water Festivals

Maine fifth and sixth grade students and their teachers from schools across the state have the opportunity to participate in a day of fun and interactive experience at a Children's Water Festival. Students learn about clean water, wetland ecosystems and the importance of stewarding Maine’s most rapidly renewable resource. Festivals are held in Southern Maine every May and in Northern Maine during October in even numbered years.

Contact: Beth Chase (207) 592-6157

What is a Water Festival like, and what will students learn? 

The Droplets newsletter sent to all students prior to each festival provides a good overview of the water festival experience. It also lists the release questions for Dripial Pursuit, our quiz show hosted by VIPS from Maine’s environmental community. Interaction with environmental professionals and exposure to a range of water-related subjects inspires teachers and students to apply their knowledge back in the classroom and at home.

At a Water Festival, students attend presentations on water-related topics such as:

  • invasive aquatic species,
  • water conservation,
  • vernal pools,
  • the water cycle,
  • ground water protection and
  • water quality.

Students also explore many activities in the exhibit hall, which provide hands-on learning opportunities on topics such as wastewater treatment, determining water quality with a secchi disc, groundwater pollution and oil spill cleanup. The teacher resource area is filled with educational materials and classroom activities to reinforce what students learn at the festival as well as many other topics.

How does a Water Festival happen?

A dedicated planning committee with members representing a variety of public and private organizations has been hosting, organizing, teaching and promoting Water Festivals in Maine for 23 years. Each year, Water Festival sponsors show their commitment to Maine’s water resources by helping provide this unique opportunity to the environmental stewards of the future.