SPCC Plans for Hazardous Matter

Hazardous Matter SPCC Plans

 The term SPCC Plan, as used in state statutes governing hazardous matter, stands for a slightly different term-"Spill Prevention Control and Clean-up Plan. "Hazardous matter" refers to substances that have been identified by the Board of Environment Protection as posing a danger to people or the environment when spilled. Over 400 substances have been identified as hazardous matter by the board under Chapter 800 of the DEP's rules. Oil does not appear on this list and is not subject to the laws governing hazardous matter.

A hazardous matter SPCC plan shares the same acronym and has the same pollution prevention goal as an oil SPCC plan, but there are significant differences. Most notably, the preparation of a hazardous matter SPCC plan is optional for facilities storing hazardous matter.

Although hazardous matter SPCC plans are optional, the law rewards facilities who have prepared them. Under 38 MRSA §1318-B, a hazardous matter spill, regardless of the quantity spilled, must be reported immediately to the State Police unless an SPCC plan has been filed with the DEP . If a facility has filed a conforming plan with the DEP as specified under 38 MRSA §1318-C(2), then only spills exceeding the reportable quantity for that particular hazardous matter, as specified in federal regulations, Title 40, Table 302.4, must be reported.

A hazardous matter SPCC plan must contain the information listed in Maine hazardous matter law, 38 MRSA §1318-C. Engineering assistance often is used, but is not required, in preparing SPCC plans for hazardous matter.

The following is a list of the required elements for a Hazardous Matter Spill Prevention, Control and Clean-up (SPCC) Plan, as specified under 38 M.R.S.A. section 1318-C:


For information on hazardous matter SPCC plans contact the Maine Department of Environmental Protection: John Dunlap, Environmental Specialist, Dept. of Environmental Protection, 17 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0017; telephone: (207) 287-3547 or in-state toll free (800) 452-1942; e-mail: Daniel.J.Wehr@Maine.gov

Hazardous Matter Maine Statutory Sections

38 MRSA §1318-B(1): Reporting Hazardous Matter Spills

38 MRSA §1318-C: Spill Prevention Control and Clean-up Plans for Hazardous Matter

38 MRSA §1319(1): Identification of Hazardous Matter

37-B MRSA § 795: Emergency Response Plan Requirements, Extremely Hazardous Substances

Hazardous Matter Federal Regulation

Federal list of hazardous substances and their reportable quantities under 40 CFR Part 302.4. (pdf format)

List of extremely hazardous substances and their reportable and threshold planning quantities is provided at 40 CFR Part 355, Appendices A and Appendices B.

Hazardous Matter SPCC Information

DEP Issue Profile: SPCC, Emergency Response and Integrated Contingency Plans

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