Architectural Paint Stewardship

Manufacturers, retailers, contractors and consumers all have a role in ensuring that paint is not a wasted resource. Maine recently enacted a new paint product stewardship law that requires manufacturers to establish a collection and recycling program for unwanted architectural paint (paint used on buildings).

Under this law, Maine retailers may only sell registered paint brands (pdf) or paint made by registered manufacturers (pdf).

PaintCare, a non-profit organization, is now accepting architectural paint at locations across Maine in accordance with its Maine Architectural Paint Stewardship Program Plan (pdf, 7.4 MB).

Contractors and consumers can return unused paint to retail sites and municipal waste handling sites that volunteer to collect the paint for recycling. PaintCare contracts to have the paint picked up from these collection sites, sorted by type, and delivered to facilities that recycle paint into new paint, into other products or blended for use as a fuel.

Visit PaintCare’s web site to find a collection site near you and to learn how the program works, including tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle paint by:

  • buying the right amount,
  • finding ways to use it up, and
  • returning leftover paint to a PaintCare collection site for reuse, recycling into new paint, and use in other products or as a fuel supplement.

Visit PaintCare’s Maine Program site to learn about special collection events in Maine and more.

Annual Reports

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