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Suggested Lease Language to Help Maintain Lead-Safe Property

To maintain paint in good condition and prevent lead hazards in pre-1978 rental units, the landlord should conduct an annual visual inspection for deteriorated paint, and conduct repairs as needed. Also, tenants should have an affirmative obligation to notify landlords of any conditions needing repair.

Suggested model lease language to notify tenants of landlord’s right to inspect property, and tenant’s responsibility to notify landlord of any condition needing repair is as follows.


The Landlord may enter the dwelling unit upon twenty-four (24) hours notice only for the following purposes: to inspect, to make repairs and to exhibit the unit to prospective purchasers, mortgages, and tenants. If, however, the Landlord or his agent reasonably believes that an emergency (such as fire) exists which requires an immediate entry, such entry may be made without notice.


The Landlord will provide and maintain the building and grounds appurtenant to the dwelling unit in a decent, safe and sanitary condition and will comply with all state and local laws, regulations and ordinances concerning the condition of dwelling units which at a minimum must be maintained in a decent, safe and sanitary condition. The Tenant will notify the Landlord of dangerous conditions or the need for repairs on the premises, including repair of deteriorated paint, and will guard against loss or risk to himself and others until such time as the Landlord has had a reasonable opportunity to address the problem.

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