did you know fluorescent bulbs contain mercury

  • FLUORESCENT AND HID* LAMPS CONTAIN MERCURY. When broken, incinerated, or buried in a landfill, they release mercury into the air, water and soil.
  • Due to high mercury levels, Maine has a fish advisory restricting the amount of fish pregnant women and children should eat.
  • All mercury-containing lamps, including low mercury “green ends” MUST be recycled according to the Maine Universal Waste Rule. See recycling options below.
  • Improperly disposed lamps are a liability! Businesses improperly disposing of spent lamps may be held liable for contaminated waste sites under the Comprehensive Envirnmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). Employees may be exposed to unsafe mercury levels from mismanaged lamps.
  • Fluorescent bulbs are 75% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and last 5-10 times longer. Using them will help lower your electric bill!

*HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs include metal halide, high pressure sodium, and mercury vapor used commonly in commercial indoor and outdoor lighting and other speciality lighting applications

Recycling Options for Fluorescent and HID Bulbs

For Commercial/Institutional:

Recycle fluorescent and HID lamps through one of the following sources:

Commercial Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers—

UniWaste Services Corp.
125 A viation Avenue
Pease International Tradeport
Portsmouth, NH 03801
800-522-7711 or 603-422-7711

Northeast Lamp Recycling, Inc.
250 Main Street
PO Box 680
E. Windsor , CT 06088

Veolia Environmental Services
218 Canton Street
Stoughton, MA 02072
781-341-6080 x232

These three are nearby recyclers. For a complete list serving the northeast see www.maine.gov/dep/waste/hazardouswaste/
documents/ uwrecyclingcompanies.pdf

Electrical Distributors—

Some distributors provide recycling services, offering a convenient, one-stop shopping arrangement for lamp purchasing and spent lamp management. Ask your lamp distributor if he or she provides this service. Below are some dis­tributors who will help customers recycle their lamps. This list is not comprehensive.

Wesco Distribution, Bangor, Portland, and Rockland branch locations

CED-Gilman Electric Supply, Auburn, Bangor, Biddeford, Brunswick, Ellsworth, Medway, and Newport, branch locations

Rockingham Electric Supply Co.
7 Mount Vernon Ave.
Augusta, ME 04330

Mention of a company is not an endorsement by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection

For More Information—

Contact Hazardous Waste Staff
at 207-287-2651 or
Visit the Maine DEP
Hazardous Waste Web site:

For Households:

Households must also comply with mercury lamp recycling require­ments. Contact your local municipal solid waste facility to find out whether it will accept mercury lamps for recycling. See also www.maine.gov/dep/waste/hazardouswaste/ for a list of universal waste facilities accepting mercury lamps.

For more information on house­hold lamp recycling contact Solid Waste Staff at 207-287-2651

USE but DON’T TRASH energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs!