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Stream Crossing Installation Techniques

Date: March 14, 2024
Time: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: Augusta, AGCMaine 188 Whitten Rd Augusta, ME 04330


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Maine has approximately 45,000 miles of rivers and streams, many of which intersect with the 30,000 miles of roads throughout the state. The design and proper installation of stream crossings is important to the continued resiliency of our road network and reducing flooding impacts, but also is extremely important to the ability of our fish and wildlife to access the habitat needed to sustain their populations for generations to come. During this 4-hour introductory course, participants will be exposed to aspects of stream crossing design such as structure selection and sizing, requirements for aquatic organism passage, regulations related to new and replacement stream crossings, as well as tools and techniques for the installation of crossings that minimize the impact of construction activities on the stream to maintain water quality and provide fish passage. This training is intended to be provide a resource for road managers and association members, town officials, contractors, and watershed organizations as an introduction to proper selection and installation of stream crossings throughout Maine. This class qualifies for 4 hours of Continuing Education Credit for individuals Certified in Erosion Control Practices by Maine DEP.