Remediation Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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SOP# SOP Name Revision Date
DR#001 Water Sample Collection from Water Supply Wells Mar 2021
DR#002 Groundwater Sample Collection for Site Investigation and Assessment Monitoring Mar 2021
DR#003 Groundwater Sampling Using Low Flow Purging and Sampling For Long-Term Monitoring Mar 2021
DR#004 Surface Water and Sediment Sampling Mar 2021
DR#005 Soil Gas Sample Collection Method Utilizing Hand Tools Mar 2021
DR#006 Protocol for Collecting Soil Samples Mar 2021
DR#007 Dust Wipe Collection Protocol Mar 2021
DR#008 Protocol for Collecting Indoor Air Samples Mar 2021
DR#009 Miocrowell Installation Protocol
Mar 2021
DR#010 Protocol For Collecting Samples From Containers Mar 2021
DR#011 Field Screening of Soil Samples Utilizing Photoionization and Flame-ionization Detectors Mar 2021
DR#012 Chain of Custody Protocol Mar 2021
DR#013 Documentation of Field Activities And Development of a Trip Report Mar 2021
DR#014 Development of a Sampling Analysis Plan Mar 2021
DR#015 Incremental Sample Methodology for Site Investigation and Risk Assessment Mar 2021
DR#016 Requirements for the Development of a Site Specific Quality Assurance Project Plan Mar 2021
DR#017 Equipment Decontamination Protocol Mar 2021
DR#019 Protocol For The Use of Portable Air Monitors Mar 2021
DR#023 Protocol For Groundwater/Surface Water Interface Sampling Using A Pore Water Sampler Mar 2021
DR#025 Protocol For Collecting Data Using Tube-Based Field-Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for Certain Metals in Solid Media Mar 2021
DR#026 Protocol For Collecting Soil Gas Samples Mar 2021
DR#027 Protocol For Collecting Sub Slab Soil Gas Samples Mar 2021
DR#028 Monitoring Well Maintenance and Development Mar 2021
DR#029 Regional Screening Levels Calculator Mar 2021
TS004 Compendium of Field Testing of Soil Samples for Gasoline and Fuel Oil Oct 2012
PP#006 Conceptual Site Model Oct 2021
PP#007 Sampling and Analysis Plan Oct 2021
PP#008 Field Instrument Calibration Sept 2021
PP#009 Vapor Source Material Investigation and Remediation Sept 2021
PP#010 Groundwater Resource and Drinking Water Protection Oct 2021
PP#012 Managing Contaminated Groundwater and Surplus Soils Sept 2021
PP#014 Water Sampling at Petroleum Release Sites Oct 2021
PP#015 Water Supply Filtration and Air Treatment Sept 2021
PP#016 Water Supply Replacement Nov 2021
PP#020 Well Boring Abandonment Procedure Nov 2021
PP#022 Radon Sampler Qualification Nov 2021
PP#071 Site Safety Plan Sept 2021
  Petroleum Glossary of Terms Feb 2021
  Petroleum Glossary Index Nov 2021