LUST Program Quality Assurance Plan

Lust Program Quality Assurance Plan - The EPA approved document provides quality assurance guidelines for environmental sampling and analysis under the Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Program. These guidelines are applicable to DEP staff, contractors working for DEP, and contractors working for Responsible Parties submitting data to the LUST Program.
- June 2019.

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Appendix A Organizational Chart of MEDEP/LUST Program and MEDEP/TS

Appendix B MEDEP/LUST Program Standard Operating Procedures and List of Available Equipment:

Appendix C Analytical Methods for:

Appendix D Remediation Guidelines for Petroleum Contaminated Sites in Maine, December 1, 2009 (Amended May 23, 2014)

Appendix E Sample QAP Log Sheet

Appendix F Example list of Laboratories currently certified by the Maine Laboratory Certification Program. Current list may be obtained at: Division of Environmental Health, Maine CDC, DHHS

Appendix G Chapter 691-Rules for Underground Oil Storage Facilities amended September 26, 2018 (Secretary of State, MS Word)

Appendix H Crosswalk Between USEPA Document QA/R-5, "EPA Requirements for Quality Assurance Project Plans for Environmental Data Operations" and MEDEP/LUST Program QAP

Appendix I BRWM Basic Data Review Checklist (Excel) and Attachment A

Appendix J Process for the Collection of EPA LUST Trust Data for Motor Fuel Discharges