Kingfish Maine, Jonesport

Kingfish Maine, Inc. has obtained licenses from the Department of Environmental Protection to construct and operate a land-based recirculating aquaculture system facility growing yellowtail kingfish, Seriola lalandi, on an approximately 94-acre parcel of land located at 9 Dun Garvin Road in Jonesport, Maine.
Kingfish has obtained from the Department a Maine Minor Source Air Emission License; a Maine Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit/Waste Discharge License; a Natural Resources Protection Act (NRPA) permit; and a Site Location of Development (Site Law) license. The Board will consider the three appeals of the combined NRPA/Site Law permit at a meeting to be held in Augusta on August 4, 2022. The meeting agenda and Board packet materials are available online.

A copy of the licenses and other record materials are available below. Questions regarding the project and requests for record materials not linked below should be sent to

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