Maine DEP and IFW issue temporary ban on boats to facilitate fight against invasive milfoil on two waterbodies

April 25, 2019

Contact: David Madore, DEP Communications Director (207) 287-5842 or Mark Latti, IFW Communications Director (207) 287-5216

Surface use restrictions on small portions of Annabessacook Lake (Monmouth) and Great Pond including Great Meadow Stream (Belgrade and Rome) enable suppression of variable leaf milfoil and prevent its spread

AUGUSTA, April 25, 2019 - The Maine Departments of Environmental Protection and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife have issued surface use restrictions for a portion of Annabessacook Lake in Monmouth and a portion of Great Pond including Great Meadow Stream in Belgrade and Rome. The objectives of these restrictions are to enable control efforts of variable leaf water-milfoil infestations, to prevent further spread of the plant and to ensure the safety of divers and surface crews engaged in the removal. The restrictions are in place through the end of 2019.

The Annabessacook Lake restriction applies to all watercraft. The restricted area includes the greatest density of the invasive milfoil in Annabessacook Lake, an area where local and regional lake groups will conduct significant removal in 2019.

The Great Pond and Great Meadow Stream restriction applies only to motorized watercraft and is a renewal of the 2018 restriction. Significant removal is also planned in this restricted area during the 2019 open water season.

The decision by the DEP Commissioner Jerry Reid and DIFW Commissioner Judy Camuso to order the restrictions supports the considerable efforts by local lake association volunteers and staff in beating back the invasive aquatic plants.

For more information on the Maine Department of Environmental Protection's Invasive Aquatic Species Program, the order for each restriction with an image indicating the restricted area, steps you can take to prevent plant invasion, and an instructional video on conducting an inspection of your boat, please visit DEPs website at: