Five-year Recertification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to pay the Department a recertification fee?
No. The Department does not charge the permittees a recertification fee.
What is the deadline for the recertification of my project?
The recertification must be done within three months of the expiration of each five-year interval from the date of issuance of your permit. For instance, the first recertification of a permit approved on February 28, 2012 is May 28, 2017. Subsequent recertifications will also be due on May 28 every five years from 2017.
Do I have to hire a third-party inspector for the recertification work?
No. However, the Department strongly recommends that your site is inspected by a qualified professional.
I would like to hire a qualified professional for the recertification inspections. Do you have an inspector list that I can use?
Yes. You can find individuals meeting the qualifications in the Site Law list of third-party inspectors.
How can I learn about the components of the stormwater system approved for my project?
Please check “Stormwater Standards” or “Stormwater Management” sections of your permit.
My project was not built and got cancelled. What do I need to do?
Please provide brief information about the project in the “Project Specifics” section of the five-year recertification form, sign and send it to the Department. We will review the form and remove the project from the recertification database.
The project was sold to a new owner. What do I need to do?
The permit needs to be transferred to the new owner. If you have not already submitted a transfer application to the Department, please do so by contacting the Land Bureau.
The project is a residential subdivision; a homeowners’ association has been formed. Who is responsible for the recertification?
Typically, homeowners’ associations are responsible for the long-term inspection and maintenance of the stormwater management systems. Please provide the homeowner association’s contact information to the Department so that the recertification correspondence can be directed to the association.
My project was not required to have a stormwater management system. What should I do?
You are still required to inspect the project site for areas of erosion and submit your recertification form.
As a result of the system inspection, repair and maintenance work has been scheduled. Should I send the recertification form before the completion of the repair and maintenance?
You can notify the Department about the repair and maintenance schedule. The recertification paperwork can be sent after the completion of the repair and maintenance. Please attach “before” and “after” photos of the areas where the repair and maintenance work was done.
I cannot locate the stormwater inspection and maintenance plan of my project. Can you help?
You can access a generic inspection and maintenance plan outlining inspection frequencies and maintenance actions for typical stormwater measures from Technical Design Manual Chapter 11. Furthermore, you can request a copy of your approved inspection and maintenance plan from the Land Bureau. Please state the DEP number of your permit in your request.
I have received a similar recertification reminder letter last year. Why am I getting another one this year?
Some sites have active development history: projects getting approved in consecutive years with permit amendments. A reminder letter is sent for each permit amendment.
I cannot locate my permit. Can I get a copy of the permit?
Yes. Please contact the Land Bureau; providing the DEP number of your permit and your e-mail address will speed up the process.
Can I get a copy of the approved site or grading plan to perform my site inspection?
Yes. Please send your request including the DEP number of your permit to the Land Bureau. providing the DEP number of your permit and your e-mail address will speed up the process.
How can I learn if my project is within a Maine Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (MPDES) regulated town?
See the list of Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems (MS4s) towns.