Instructions for email Submission of Applications

Notice of Intent to Comply

The Department is now requiring email submission of Notices of Intent to Comply with the performance standards for:

  • Excavations for Borrow, Clay, Topsoil or Silt (38 M.R.S. § 490-C)
  • Excavations for Quarries (38 M.R.S. § 490-Y)

If you are unable to complete and submit the necessary materials by email, please contact Mike Clark, or (207) 441-1136, to discuss alternatives.

How to File by Email

  • Email address. Submit the completed borrow pit or quarry NOITC form and accompanying materials to
    • There is a 20MB size limit for attachments.  If your complete application package exceeds this size, split the submission over separate emails.
  • Email subject line. Use the following format in the subject line of the email:
    • NOITC – [Applicant Name] – [Municipality]
    • For example: NOITC – Good Gravel, LLC – Westbrook

Submission of Application Fee

  • Credit Card. Payment by credit card is accepted through the Department's payment portal. Pay the fee prior to filing and include confirmation of credit card payment with email submission of your NOITC.
  • Check. If you prefer to pay by check: complete the Check Processing Form, include the completed form with the email submission of your NOITC, and follow the instructions on the form for submitting payment of the fee by check.