How do I find information about a wind power project or other select Site Location projects currently under review by the DEP?

Any interested members of the public may view the DEP's working files for pending wind power applications (or any Site Location application) by contacting the project manager who is processing the application.

If the name of the project manager is not known, interested persons can contact the DEP Land and Water Bureau staff person who is "on-call" for the day at one of the DEP's Regional Offices

  • in Augusta at (207) 287-7688 or toll free (in-state only) at (800) 452-1942;
  • in Bangor at (207)941-4570 or toll free (in-state only) at (888)769-1137;
  • in Portland at (207)822-6300 or toll free (in-state only) at (888)769-1036; and
  • in Presque Isle at (207)764-0477 or toll free (in-state only) (888)769-1053.

File reviews can be scheduled by contacting the project manager. Files cannot be removed from the DEP office, but copies of materials can be obtained at cost.

Please see our Wind Energy developments page for more information including overviews and materials from selected projects.