How do I report an oil spill? Do all spills need to be reported?

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection receives nearly 3,000 spill calls each year and has an on-call team of experienced oil and hazardous materials responders who are prepared to provide Maine citizens and businesses with prompt and reliable oil spill clean-up and remediation services. To report an oil spill, call the department?s 24-hour emergency spill hotline at (800) 482-0777. During regular business hours, the call will go to DEP. During nights, weekends and holidays, the call will be routed through a Maine State Police dispatcher who will forward your call to our on-call staff.

The spilling or other discharge of oil to the environment in any amount is a violation of Maine law. You cannot be fined for the violation, however, if you report the spill within 2 hours, promptly clean it up and dispose of the oil contaminated material properly. Even small gasoline spills of a gallon or less can travel surprisingly long distances in the soil and groundwater. Our oil and hazardous materials response team can help you clean up your spill to keep your family safe and protect your property and Maine?s environment.

For more information on reporting or remediating oil spills or for further assistance, call the Maine DEP at (207) 287-7688.