How do I know if I'm in full compliance with environmental regulations?

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is committed to providing you with prompt and straight-forward information to help you comply with the state?s environmental regulatory requirements. Businesses and individuals navigating department enforced rules and regulations can access assistance by calling (800)789-9802 to speak with Julie Churchill, the department?s Small Business Ombudsman. Julie, who is available to travel statewide, can provide you permitting and compliance guidance including step-by-step assistance with completing permit forms and reviewing what regulations apply to a specific business or individual based on their operations, as well as providing on-site compliance assistance and utilizing discretion when authorizing an internal audit policy to help a business or individual come into compliance without fear of penalties or fines.

The two department audit policies Maine businesses might consider utilizing are the small business compliance incentive policy (SBCIP) and the self disclosure audit policy. Both policies are designed to assist businesses in voluntarily coming into compliance as long as there are no active environmental compliance records with the business. The SBCIP covers businesses of 100 or less employees and involves hands on technical assistance with the business. The self disclosure audit policy passed under LD 1 has no employee limitations and can be applied to larger facilities. This policy requires the business to provide compliance management system documentation and self disclosure of non-compliance through such documentation of systematic, documented periodic review of environmental requirements.

To contact the department?s Small Business Ombudsman to assess your compliance or for any other department related questions, call Julie Churchill at 1-800-789-9802, email her at or visit the Assistance website at