How do I find out if my business or development activity requires a permit?

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is working to improve Maine's regulatory climate and create a stronger culture of cooperation between state government and Maine people and businesses. Businesses and individuals navigating the state's environmental regulatory process can access assistance via a new toll-free hotline answered by Maine DEP's lead agent of advocacy. Julie Churchill, the department's Small Business Ombudsman since 2008, answers the hotline, which can be called at 1-800-789-9802. Julie, who is available to travel statewide, can provide you permitting guidance including step-by-step assistance with completing permit forms and review what regulations apply to a specific business or individual based on their operations, as well as provide on-site compliance assistance and confidentially authorize an internal audit policy to help a business or individual come into compliance without fear of penalties or fines. The office also offers technical assistance to help businesses recognize and quantify economic savings through the integration of long-term processes, practices and products that reduce or eliminate the generation of pollution and waste or that protect natural resources through conservation and more efficient use.

To contact the department's Small Business Ombudsman for permitting guidance or any other department related questions, call Julie Churchill at (800) 789-9802, email her at or visit the Office of Assistance website.

Additionally, an on-call DEP staffer at any of our four regional offices can provide you with an overview of the permitting process that may apply to your project. You can reach our regional office in Augusta at (207) 287-7688 or toll free (in-state only) at (800) 452-1942; in Bangor at (207)941-4570 or toll free (in-state only) at (888)769-1137; in Portland at (207)822-6300 or toll free (in-state only) at (888)769-1036 and in Presque Isle at (207)764-0477 or toll free (in-state only) (888)769-1053.