Dry Cleaner Regulations

Maine DEP's Chapter 125

In June 2009 and in 2013, the Maine DEP amended Chapter 125, "Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaner Regulation." (06-096 CMR 125). These amendments aligned the state's requirements with the EPA amendments discussed below. Maine's amendment included several minor changes and three changes which are more stringent then the EPA regulations:

  • Chapter 125 requires the use of the halogenated hydrocarbon leak detector during weekly inspections. EPA requires a monthly check.
  • Chapter 125 defines “co-located” to include a building with a residence or with a day care center, a health care facility, a prison, an elementary school, a middle or high school, a children's pre-school, a senior center, a youth center or other facility inhabited by children or the elderly. Thus, new dry cleaners can not be installed in co-located buildings and existing co-located units must eliminate use of perchloroethylene and remove all perchloroethylene dry cleaning equipment by 12/21/2020.
  • Chapter 125 limits to fifteen days the amount of time dry cleaning equipment can operate while awaiting repairs.

EPA's Dry Cleaner MACT

On June 27, 2006, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) amended the standards for perchloroethylene for dry cleaning facilities. As of July 27, 2008, owners and operators of facilities using perchloroethylene (PERC or PCE) solvents must comply with these requirements and standards:

  • Dry cleaning machines must undergo a monthly leak inspection using a halogenated hydrocarbon leak detector or a PERC gas analyzer when the machines are in operation. (Maine 's requirement for weekly perceptible leak checks still applies).
  • Dry cleaners must submit a Notification of Compliance status form to EPA – Region 1 and the Maine DEP by July 27, 2008 certifying compliance with the new and existing EPA rules.
  • Existing PERC dry-cleaner units in residential buildings must be completely phased out by December 21, 2020.
  • Co-located dry cleaners that started construction between December 21, 2005 and July 26, 2006 must eliminate PERC use by July 27, 2009.
  • PERC dry cleaning units installed after July 26, 2006 cannot emit PERC if located in a residential building.

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