Global Companies LLC, South Portland

Global Companies LLC has applied to amend their air emission license to incorporate the conditions from their recent consent decree with EPA.

Below is a listing of key project submittals, deadlines, and project documents.

  • Application Received by the Department – 2/12/2020 (deadline 2/17/2020) Global Companies LLC Application
  • Application Accepted for Processing – 2/25/2020 (deadline 3/5/2020) Acceptance Letter
  • Public Meeting on Application:
    Due to restrictions designed to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease, the Department is unable to hold a traditional public meeting at this time. In order to address ongoing concerns in a timely manner, the Department is providing the presentation below as a substitute for a traditional public meeting.
    The purpose of a public meeting on an application is to provide the public with information on the application process and to solicit comments on the application itself. The presentation below contains the same information that would have been made available at a public meeting and provides options for submitting comments to the Department in lieu of the verbal comments that would have been accepted at a meeting.
    Presentation (video 14:18)
  • The deadline to submit public comments on the application was June 17, 2020. Public Comments Received on the Application.
  • The draft air emission license amendment was provided to the public on August 24, 2020, to review and provide comments to the Department.
  • The Department held a public meeting on the draft license amendment on September 28, 2020. This meeting was to receive input from the public on the draft air emission license amendment.
    September 28 public meeting (video recording 50:04)
  • The deadline to submit public comments on the draft was October 16, 2020. Public Comments Received on the Draft Air Emission License Amendment.
  • Final License Amendment Issuance
    The Department issued the final air emission license amendment to Global Companies LLC on February 17, 2021 and prepared a Response to Comments document.