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What is it? EnviroFlash is an automated electronic system that notifies people about the air quality in their area. EnviroFlash was created and is operated by EPA; however it couldn’t exist without daily submissions from the Air Quality Meteorologists in each state.

Where is it? EnviroFlash covers ALL of Maine! When you subscribe to EnviroFlash you can receive emails and/or text messages for areas you are interested in.

Who is encouraged to subscribe to EnviroFlash? Those who are affected by poor air quality and those who provide care for or are responsible for the welfare of people impacted by poor air quality should subscribe. The following people are especially encouraged to subscribe:

  • anyone with a heart or lung disease (such as asthma),
  • anyone who is chemically sensitive,
  • parents of asthmatics,
  • school nurses,
  • coaches,
  • athletic directors,
  • daycare workers,
  • elder care workers,
  • doctors,
  • hospitals, and
  • summer camps (especially athletic camps.

When will I get notifications? Maine DEP’s Air Quality Meteorologists have set up EnviroFlash to send emails out after 4 pm when the following day’s forecast matches or exceeds the AQI level you selected. Additionally, if there is a special situation Maine DEP can have EnviroFlash send out emails when appropriate.

If you choose to receive forecasts: Forecasts broadcast by EnviroFlash are based on the Air Quality Index (AQI). We suggest that those who are sensitive to pollution and those who have lung or heart disease should consider selecting the ‘Moderate’ (yellow) level. You will receive notifications more frequently, but that will help you plan your activities to reduce your risk. For everyone else, we suggest that you select ‘Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups’ (orange) forecasts. It is important to note that healthy people, especially children, who work, play or exercise outdoors are also considered a sensitive group.

How do I subscribe?

  • Visit the EnviroFlash signup website. Fill in the Subscriber Information. Entering a zip code should automatically assign the forecast region, such as "Downeast coast", for that zip code. If you are unsure what forecast region your town is located in, use our town lookup tool.
  • Choose your Email Preferences, read the privacy policy and click Subscribe.
  • Use the code sent to your email address to confirm your subscription.

If you have any questions about the subscription process, feel free to contact us.

Can I revise my EnviroFlash Subscription? Yes, you can revise your subscription at any time to change the AQI category or your email address. You can also subscribe to more than one location if you live in one area and work or frequent another area.

If you have any problems or want more information contact us, (207) 287-7688