Juniper Ridge Landfill

Juniper Ridge LandfillThe Juniper Ridge Landfill is owned by the State of Maine and is part of the solid waste disposal system within the state that provides for Maine's solid waste disposal needs. Juniper Ridge Landfill accepts residues from waste-to-energy facilities, construction/demolition debris and other wastes generated within the State.

Juniper Ridge Landfill is operated by New England Waste Services of Maine, LLC, a subsidiary of Casella Waste Systems.

Background on the Landfill:

In 1989, the Maine Legislature banned new commercial solid waste disposal facilities and placed the responsibility for providing future disposal capacity on the State itself. In accordance with this policy, in 2003, the Legislature directed the State to acquire the Juniper Ridge Landfill in Old Town, Maine to address the solid waste disposal needs of Maine residents and businesses. (Juniper Ridge Timeline - DOC 29KB)

Exploring the Juniper Ridge Landfill - (PDF - 255KB) - graphic - Bangor Daily News, June 2010.

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Juniper Ridge Monthly Reports (includes status overview of major activities at the landfill during the past month, waste deliveries, financial benefit report and other records). Reports are posted for a twelve month period. If you wish to obtain older reports please email your request to William Longfellow.

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