Provisionally Adopted Rules

Provisional adoption of rules occurs only during the major substantive rulemaking process of the Maine Administrative Procedures Act. Major substantive rules are subject to review by the Maine Legislature before their formal adoption may proceed.

The Office of Cannabis Policy has provisionally adopted a rule to revise standards for the Adult Use Cannabis Program in Maine. A copy of the provisionally adopted rule appears immediately below.

Copy of Provisionally Adopted Rule

Provisionally Adopted Rule
Proposed Rule
Current Rule
18-691 C.M.R., ch. 1, Adult Use Cannabis Program Rule
PDF, 1.1MB PDF, 869KB

The provisionally adopted rule is a "clean" document which shows the entirety of the proposed Adult Use Cannabis Program Rule--both major substantive and unchanged routine technical portions. This version has benefited from the public comment process conducted by OCP.

The proposed rule contains a copy of the initial round of revisions proposed by OCP at the start of the rulemaking process. A link to the current program rule is also provided for your convenience.