Task Forces & Workgroups

Learn more about the task forces and workgroups convened by the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) at the links below.

Cannabis Hospitality Task Force
Pursuant to P.L. 2023, ch. 679, OCP is in the process of convening a task force to review how other states regulate cannabis hospitality establishments and to draft policy recommendations for regulating those establishments in Maine.

Medical Cannabis Workgroup
To fulfill the stakeholder engagement charges in Public Laws 2021, ch. 387 and Resolves 2021, ch. 95, OCP conducted stakeholder meetings intended to assist in studying, reviewing, and evaluating any changes or updates that may be necessary to the State of Maine’s Medical Use of Cannabis Program.

Metrc User Workgroup
P.L. 2021, ch. 628 tasked OCP with gathering and synthesizing direct user feedback from members of the adult use cannabis industry on Metrc, the State’s software vendor for cannabis and cannabis product inventory tracking.