Safe Storage for ME

Safe Storage Bags
Safe Storage for ME bag

The Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) has recently launched Safe Storage for ME, a new initiative in collaboration with over 200 medical and adult use cannabis retailers statewide.

Like other age-restricted or prescription products, cannabis and cannabis products at home should be stored in a locked container, out of reach, and out of sight of children and pets. Safe Storage for ME aims to proactively promote these responsible storage habits by providing patients and consumers with access to free lockable storage bags at the point of sale, with the overall goal of reducing accidental ingestions and youth/pet access to cannabis at home.

The safe storage bags are being distributed to participating retailers on a rolling basis throughout January and February 2024. Any medical cannabis patient over the age of 18 and adult use consumer over the age of 21 is eligible to receive one bag, no purchase necessary, while supplies last.


To know whether a retail store or dispensary is participating in Safe Storage for ME, ask your budtender or look for the sign below!

Information about Safe Storage for ME