Medical Use Data

Medical Cannabis Program At-A-Glance

The below table contains information on the State of Maine's medical use or cannabis program including--but not limited to--the number of registered caregivers, caregiver employees, medical providers, and dispensaries. Where available, visitors may toggle specific categories appearing under “At-a-Glance” to populate the trend fields below. Additionally, annual reports of the medical program are available for further review here.

Sales tax data for both cannabis programs is maintained by Maine Revenue Services (MRS) and is publicly available on the MRS website based on information as filed by tax filers. Visit this MRS webpage and select "monthly cannabis taxable sales statewide" to see the most recent quarterly report.

The data above is also available for download in .xlsx format or .csv format. This data is updated in the beginning of each month (last updated July 2, 2024).