Application Process

At its highest level, the process of becoming licensed in the State of Maine’s adult use cannabis program takes three steps: 1.) Conditional Licensure, 2.) Local Authorization, and 3.) Active Licensure.

This approach was designed by the legislature to ensure that prospective adult use licensees would be vetted by the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) prior to receiving approval from a host community. This ensures that our state’s municipalities have the benefit of reviewing the material that led to OCP’s conditional licensure before taking action at the local level. Once local authorization is obtained, a prospective licensee returns to OCP to obtain an active license.

Within each of these steps are various requirements that must be satisfied before the prospective licensee receives approval.

Step One: Conditional Licensure

1. Any employee and each applicant for a license will be required to obtain an OCP-issued Individual Identification Card (IIC).

Note: If the applicant is a business entity every principal will require an IIC.

2. All principals must first submit to a criminal history records check.

Fingerprints are taken at locations in Auburn, Augusta, Belfast, Brewer, Farmington, Machias, South Portland, Presque Isle, Springvale, and Winslow. 

3. Complete and submit application(s) for a conditional license and pay the appropriate fee(s). Tip: Forms completed online will likely be processed faster.

4. Within 90 days of the OCP determining all application forms, required attachments and criminal history record checks are complete, it will either deny the license or issue a non-renewable conditional license valid for one year.

Step Two: Local Authorization

1. For a conditional license holder to be eligible for an active license they must seek local authorization.

Note: Municipalities have 90 days (and an additional 90 days in some instances) to respond to a request for local authorization.

2. If a community determines that a prospective licensee has satisfied all local regulations and licensing requirements, they may choose to approve the request for local authorization. The municipality will then send an approved local authorization form directly to OCP.

4. Within 10 days of receiving an approved local authorization from, OCP will request supplemental information and updated documents from the applicant.

Step Three: Active Licensure

1. Supplemental information required for the issuance of an active license includes:

  • Evidence of compliance with all electrical and permitting requirements.
  • Appropriate tax information and documents.
  • Any changes to original application.
  • Official Plan of Record - Facility Plan

2. Upon satisfaction that all requirements have been met, OCP will invoice the applicant for the licensing fee. Note: Fees may only be paid with a bank check or money order. Personal checks and cash payments are not accepted.

3. Once payment is received, OCP will issue an active license that is valid for one year.