Rules and Statutes

There are two aspects to the State of Maine's Adult Use Cannabis Program (AUCP): statute and rule. The Cannabis Legalization Act was first passed by voters in 2016 and later amended by the legislature. This law currently appears in Title 28-B of the Maine Revised Statutes, while other aspects of the law involving cannabis are chaptered elsewhere. 

Rules are implemented by state agencies to build upon existing law. The Cannabis Legalization Act includes both mandatory and discretionary rulemaking intended to establish a regulatory framework governing adult use cannabis in Maine. Broadly, Title 28-B, Section 104 states that the Department of Administrative and Financial Services shall “adopt all rules necessary to implement, administer and enforce” the Cannabis Legalization Act. In addition, the statute specifies rulemaking in areas including, but not limited to, tracking cannabis plants and product, enforcement and compliance, health and safety data, labeling and packaging, and licensing and fees.