Meet the Chief Procurement Officer

David Morris is an accomplished professional who currently serves as the Acting State of Maine Chief Procurement Officer and is a distinguished member of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO). In his role, David provides directional leadership and strategic management for the purchase, procurement, and acquisition of all contractual services, supplies, materials, and equipment for the State of Maine government.

David's leadership skills enable him to spearhead initiatives that support open and transparent competition within the procurement process, ensuring that the State of Maine attains the best value acquisition of goods and services. His understanding of the procurement process and his dedication to the responsible use of public funds has helped to create a culture of fiscal responsibility and efficiency within the government.

The Value of Centralized Public Procurement in the State of Maine

When functioning properly, a central procurement program reduces the cost of government by:

  • Eliminating inconsistent practices and procedures that confuse vendors and discourage them from competing.
  • Reducing the need for duplicative resources by developing capability and expertise that most other agencies cannot afford to develop.
  • Inspiring public confidence in government by placing someone in charge of a system that spends vast amounts of public funds.
  • Serving as the government's meaningful link to the business community.

Central purchasing programs, such as the Maine Division of Procurement Services, generate substantial savings for all of a state's public entities by reducing administrative costs and lowering prices. Costs are lowered by leveraging the consolidated needs of all state public entities and allowing industry to benefit from the accompanying economies of scale. The State’s overall administrative costs are lowered by reducing the number of competitive processes conducted. The savings that result should substantially exceed what any individual entity could achieve, but success depends both on an agency's commitment to use these contracts and on active participation in their development.

In addition, a strong central procurement office facilitates participation in a competitive process (public or private) that often involves a significant financial investment on behalf of the private sector. The business community's willingness to risk that investment depends on its confidence in the fairness of a competitive process that stems largely from a well-developed set of rules administered by a strong central procurement entity.

    The Division of Procurement Services is committed to:

    • Achieving the best value for the State of Maine, balancing the quality of goods and services against their costs;
    • Maintaining an open and competitive procurement environment;
    • Being accountable and transparent in all of our dealings;
    • Ensuring equal opportunities for all, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation; and
    • Striving for continuous improvement in our procurement practices.