Water Resources

"Protecting and Enhancing Maine's Woodland Streams and other Water Resources”

Maine Forest Service Water Resources Program provides support to the Forest Policy and Management Division’s tasks of collecting and analyzing data, and reporting on the state of Maine’s forest resources with particular emphasis on water quality. The program fulfills the Maine Forest Service’s responsibilities for monitoring statewide best management practices on timber harvests. It actively seeks cooperative conservation opportunities to enhance water quality protection and promote responsible forest management.

Load of logs being hauled out of the woods over a skidder bridge.
Statewide Standards
Statewide timber harvesting standards in shoreland areas.
Logging road with seeded ditch.
Best Management Practices
The Maine Forest Service BMP manual and BMP monitoring program.
Feller machinery
Direct Link Loan Program
Information regarding the Maine Forestry Direct Link Loan Program.
Side view of wooden bridge over small stream with streambed intacted.
Stream Smart Crossings
Resources for constructing durable, fish friendly stream crossings.
Skidder bridge being loaded on to log truck
Skidder Bridge Loaner Program
Steel and wood bridges available for loan to Maine loggers.
Tree dropped into stream to create fisheries habitat.
Fisheries Enhancement
Cold water fisheries habitat enhancement associated with forestry operations.
Skidder bridge over stream
Temporary Bridge Cost Share Program
Steel and wood bridges available for loan to Maine loggers.