Woodland Owners

Your Woods are an important piece of the forests of Maine. Historically, active forest management has  played a significant role in shaping our forests. Your property is part of that history, and plays an important role in Maine’s future.

The woods you see out your back door are shaped by human hands as well as natural processes. Woods-based decisions made today have long-term consequences for future wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, income, timber quality, water protection, quality of life, and your legacy. Active management, including timber harvesting, can help achieve your goals.

How Maine’s Healthy Forests Program Helps Family Woodland Owners:

Take a look at a slide show that profiles 6 woodland owners in Hancock and Washington Counties. These folks have all had recent harvesting activity on their woodlots. They work with a variety of foresters and loggers who used a range of logging equipment. Go to Woodland Stewardship Stories in Downeast Maine

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