Forest Pest Index

These insect and disease factsheets are being revised as resources allow.

Pesticide recommendations are contingent on continued EPA and Maine Board of Pesticides Control registration and are subject to change. You can confirm registration by contacting the Maine Board of Pesticides Control or searching for registered products at Notably, recent changes in BPC rules significantly limit the use of some neonicotinoid products in ornamental and residential settings.

Recommendations in these fact sheets are not a substitute for pesticide labeling. Read the label before applying any pesticide.

Please report all suspected finds of pests with “Report Occurrence” indicated in the last column in bold italics.  We request reports of high levels of other pest activity or tree damage in forests and on ornamental trees as well. 

Name Softwood/Hardwood Insect/Disease/Injury/Other Link and File Size Report Occurrence
Aphids Softwood, Hardwood Insect PDF | 124 KB
Balsam Gall Midge Softwood Insect PDF | 405 KB
Balsam Shootboring Sawfly Softwood Insect PDF | 131 KB
Balsam Twig Aphid Softwood Insect PDF | 133 KB
Balsam Woolly AdelgidSoftwood Insect HTML
Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle Softwood Insect PDF | 232 KBReport Occurrence
Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid Softwood Insect PDF | 142 KB
Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid Softwood Insect PDF | 128 KB
Elongate Hemlock Scale Softwood Insect HTMLReport Occurrence
Armillaria Root Disease Softwood, Hardwood Disease PDF | 30.9 KB
European Pine Shoot Moth Softwood Insect PDF | 145 KB
Hemlock Borer (USFS) Softwood Insect PDF | 857 KB
Hemlock Looper Softwood Insect PDF | 166KB
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Softwood Insect HTMLReport Occurrence
Introduced Pine Sawfly Softwood Insect PDF | 127 KB
Pales Weevil Softwood Insect PDF | 143 KB
Pine Leaf Adelgid Softwood Insect PDF | 227 KB
Pine Spittlebug Softwood Insect PDF | 128 KB
Red Pine Scale Softwood Insect PDF | 690 KBReport Occurrence
Saratoga Spittlebug Softwood Insect PDF | 131 KB
Southern Pine Beetle Insect PDF
Spider Mites Softwood Insect PDF | 147 KB
Spongy Moth
(Lymantria dispar)
Softwood, Hardwood Insect PDF | 300 KB
Spruce Beetle Softwood Insect HTML
Spruce Budworm Softwood Insect PDF | 151 KB
White Pine Weevil Softwood Insect HTML
Whitespotted Sawyer Softwood Insect HTML
Yellowheaded Spruce Sawfly Softwood Insect PDF | 257 KB
Asian Longhorned Beetle Hardwood Insect HTMLReport Occurrence
Ash Spider Mites Hardwood Insect HTML
Birch Casebearer Hardwood Insect PDF | 170 KB
Birch Leafminer Hardwood Insect PDF | 136 KB
Bruce Spanworm Hardwood Insect PDF | 145 KB
Browntail Moth Hardwood Insect HTML
Elm Leaf Beetle Hardwood Insect PDF | 137 KB
Emerald Ash Borer Hardwood Insect HTMLReport Occurrence
Fall Cankerworm Hardwood Insect PDF | 148 KB
Fall Webworm Hardwood Insect PDF | 307 KB
Gall Mites of Deciduous Shade Trees Hardwood Insect PDF | 133 KB
Hickory Tussock Moth Hardwood Insect PDF | 179 KB
Maple Bladder Gall Mite Hardwood Insect PDF | 125 KB
Mountain Ash Sawfly Hardwood Insect PDF | 145 KB
Oak Leaf Tier Hardwood Insect PDF | 127 KB
Oak Twig Pruner Hardwood Insect PDF | 380 KB
Orangehumped Mapleworm Hardwood Insect PDF | 150 KB
Saddled Prominent Hardwood Insect PDF | 145 KB
Satin Moth Hardwood Insect PDF | 141 KB
Spider Mites Hardwood Insect PDF | 147 KB
Tent Caterpillars Hardwood Insect PDF | 136 KB
Variable Oakleaf Caterpillar Hardwood Insect PDF | 149 KB
Willow Flea Weevil and Imported Willow Leaf Bug Hardwood Insect HTML
Winter Moth Hardwood Insect HTMLReport Occurrence
Cedar (arborvitae) leaf blight Softwood Disease HTML
Declining Spruce Health Softwood Disease HTML
Diplodia tip blight of pines Softwood Disease PDF | 633 KB
Eastern Dwarf Mistletoe Softwood Disease HTML
Hemlock Tip Blight Softwood Disease HTML
Heterobasidion root disease (formerly Annosus root disease) Softwood Disease PDF | 1.5 MB
Sirococcus Shoot Blight of Red Pine Softwood Disease PDF | 1.6 MB
White Pine Blister Rust Softwood Disease HTML
White Pine Needlecasts Softwood Disease HTML
Principal Disease and Insect Pests of White Pine in Maine Softwood Insect, Disease PDF | 238 KB
White Pine Needle Damage Softwood Disease PDF | 1.1 MB
Field Manual for Managing Eastern White Pine Health in New England Softwood Disease PDF | 7.94 MB
Winter Drying Softwood Disease HTML
Ash Leaf and Twig Rust Hardwood Disease HTML
Beech Bark Disease Hardwood Disease PDF | 1.7 MB
Beech Leaf Disease Hardwood Disease HTMLReport Occurrence
Butternut Canker Hardwood Disease PDF | 570 KB
Oak Wilt Disease Hardwood Disease HTMLReport Occurrence
Sudden Oak Death Hardwood Disease HTMLReport Occurrence
Tar Spot of Norway Maple Hardwood Disease HTML
Barklice - Psocids Hardwood Insect, Other PDF | 120 KB
Carpenter Ants Softwood, Hardwood Insect, Other PDF | 152 KB
Cerceris Fumipennis Insect, Other HTML
Clover Mites Insect, Other PDF | 124 KB
Insects from Firewood Softwood, Hardwood Insect, Other PDF | 137 KB
Mosquito Insect, Other PDF | 399 KB
Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles Insect, Other PDF | 142 KB
Ticks Insect, Other HTML
Springtails and Snowfleas Insect, Other PDF | 122 KB
Sumac Leaf Gall Aphid Hardwood Insect, Other HTML
Fertilizing Urban Trees Softwood, Hardwood Other PDF | 124 KB
Logging Injuries Softwood, Hardwood Injury PDF | 71.8 KB
Spray Baffle For Control of White Pine Weevil with a Garden Sprayer Softwood Insect, Other HTML
Twig Pruner Hardwood Insect PDF | 380 KB
Chaga/Cinder Conk Hardwood Other PDF | 541 KB

FAQs PDF | 463 KB