Maine’s forests hold an  important place in the hearts and minds of our people. We have a long history of active management of forest resources, and a forest based economy that contributes billions of dollars to the state’s economy and supports over 20,000 jobs.

Family forest owners own 33% of Maine’s timberland, and this ownership provides 25% of the statewide harvest. A variety of factors are contributing to an overall reduction in the amount of actively managed family woodlands. The Maine Healthy Forests Program is leading the effort to increase active management on these lands to improve forest health, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, water quality, aesthetics and wood availability.

“Harvesting to Meet Woodland Owners Goals” (pdf)—this workshop provides an opportunity for woodland owners, loggers and foresters to learn about attitudes towards logging, the visual impact of timber harvesting, and satisfaction with harvest results.

Maine Licensed Forester's Code of Ethics (pdf)

FIA data estimates of the Southern Megaregion (pdf)