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The BPC Online Portal provides access to all Pesticide Applicator information, such as license expiration dates, exam scores, credits earned. The site can also be used to apply for exams and licenses and to renew licenses. Go here to get started.

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Next Board Meeting: November 16, 2018

The October 5 Board of Pesticides Control meeting is cancelled. The BPC is comprised of dedicated volunteers, who make the Board a priority, but they also have other obligations. With harvest season in full swing, as well as other year-end projects demanding attention, it was not possible to assemble a quorum. All topics and materials listed on the October 5 board meeting agenda will be covered at the November 16 board meeting.







Obsolete Pesticide Collection

The Maine Board of Pesticides Control conducts a program to collect and properly dispose of banned and unusable pesticides from homeowners and farms. Preregistration is required and collections are held at four sites across the state. Next collection will be in October 2018, one day each in Presque Isle, Bangor, Augusta, and Portland. Registration by October 5th is required, no drop-ins will be accepted. Find out how to register!




Worker Protection Training videos for Greenhouse Workers and Handlers created by Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health at Penn State

2018 Non-Agricultural Pesticide Notification Registry [PDF or XLS spreadsheet]

Browntail Moth Information

The caterpillars of the browntail moth release tiny hairs that cause itchy rashes and sometimes respiratory distress. In July and August the moths can be seen on structures. They have a wingspread of about 1 1/2 inches and are strongly attracted to light. Wings and midsection are pure white while the abdomen (rear part of the body) is brown with a conspicuous tuft of brown hairs at the tip. Fall is a good time to plan for next year—learn about removing nests during the winter.


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