Environmental Risk Advisory Committee

BPC has convened an Environmental Risk Advisory Committee (ERAC) to examine whether current pesticide residues have the potential to affect the lobster resource in Maine directly or via impact on other marine organisms. The ERAC met on April 18, 2014, and focused its discussions on identifying what information would be most useful in addressing concerns. The ERAC consensus is to focus on sediment/pesticide sampling for 2014 and to evaluate means of conducting a comprehensive review of the recent open scientific literature.

ERAC Committee Members

Curtis C. Bohlen, Ph.D
Board of Pesticides Control Member
Director, Casco Bay Estuary Partnership
University of Southern Maine, Muskie School of Public Service

Environmental Toxicologist
John Wise, Ph.D
Wise Laboratory CIAET
University of Southern Maine

Terrestrial Entomologist
James Dill, Ph.D, IPM Entomologist
University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Pest Management Office

Lobster Biologist
Carl Wilson
Department of Marine Resources, Marine Fisheries Laboratory

Expert on Lobster Development and Mosquito Insecticides
Michael N. Horst, Ph.D
Mercer University, Macon Georgia 

Marine Biologist
Kohl Kanwit, Public Health Bureau Director
Department of Marine Resources 

Expert on Pyrethroid Residues in Sediment and Pyrethroid Analytical Chemistry
Lawrence LeBlanc, Ph.D
University of Maine, School of Marine Sciences

Aquatic Entomologist
Leon Tsomides
Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Land and Water Quality

Marine Biologist
Jim Stahlnecker
Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Land and Water Quality