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Pesticide Registration

The sale and use of pesticide products in Maine must comply with both state and federal law. All pesticide products, including FIFRA 25(b) minimum risk pesticides, distributed or offered for sale in Maine must be registered annually with the Maine Board of Pesticides Control pursuant to the Maine Pesticides Control Act of 1975. Pesticide products not in compliance with this law are subject to immediate Stop Sale Use Removal Order.

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New Product Registration

  • Pesticide product registration and renewals are only accepted through the Maine BPC Online Portal.
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  • Renewals open November 1 of each calendar year.

Submission Guidelines for Labels and Supporting Documents (revised 3-27-2017) [PDF]

FIFRA Section 18 Emergency Exemptions

  • U.S. EPA FIFRA Section 18 Emergency Exemption Information [PDF or Word]
  • Maine currently has no Section 18 registrations.

FIFRA Section 24(c) Special Local Needs Exemptions

FIFRA Section 25(b) Mininum Risk Pesticides

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Mary Tomlinson, Pesticide Registrar/Water Quality Specialist
(207) 592-0997