Aquatic Herbicides

For sale only to licensed applicators by Restricted Use Pesticide Dealers

The BPC adopted a regulation to control aquatic herbicides at the point of sale. This action was taken in response to concerns expressed by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and private citizens that the general public—influenced by the threat of invasive plants like milfoil and advertised eradication claims of chemical products—were purchasing and applying aquatic herbicides illegally.

The herbicides listed below may be sold only by restricted-use pesticide dealers, and only to licensed applicators. Similarly, pond dyes such as Aquashade, Admiral, and Pondmaster Blue may only be sold by licensed restricted-use dealers, but these products may be sold to anyone.

When selling either the herbicides listed below, or the pond dyes described above, the Board requests that dealers provide a copy of Disclosure Statement Regarding The Application of Aquatic Herbicides (including Pond Dyes) and Best Management Practices for The Application of Aquatic Herbicides in Private Ponds (PDF) to the purchaser at the time of sale.

Finally, please note that Chapter 41 (DOC) also requires dealers to maintain records of sales for both the pond dyes and the listed herbicides in the same way other restricted-use pesticide sales are recorded. Call the BPC at 207-287-2731 for more information.

Use of Herbicides in Wetlands in Maine (Maine DEP Factsheet) (PDF)

2024 Aquatic Herbicide List (XLSX) - Products for sale only to licensed applicators. Updated April 6, 2023

Maine Department of Environmental Protection General Permit: Aquatic Pesticides, Herbicides, Piscicides

Maine Department of Environmental Protection General Permit: Application of Herbicides for the Control of Invasive Aquatic Plants, April 3, 2017 (PDF)