Chapter 26—Standards for Indoor Pesticide Applications and Notification for All Occupied Buildings Except K-12 Schools

These regulations establish procedures and standards for applicators who apply pesticides inside specified occupied buildings. Requirements are also established for notification about pending pesticide applications.

Chapter 26 applies to indoor application of pesticides to licensed childcare facilities and nursery schools; governmental, commercial, and institutional buildings; condominiums; and rented residential buildings.

The New Rule

  • Application of pesticides with a higher potential for human exposure is discouraged.
  • Applicators treating inside buildings must employ appropriate elements of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control pests and utilize measures that minimize exposure and risks to occupants.


  • Application may not be made to a residence if the tenant objects, unless a public health or code enforcement official has determined a need for immediate pest management.

Board-Approved Written Notice

  • Board-approved written notice (see below) is required prior to liquid or aerosol pesticide applications (except for crack and crevice applications).
    • Residents of rented residential buildings and parents or guardians of children in licensed child care facilities and nursery schools must be given this notice individually.
    • This notice must be posted at agencies, businesses, and institutions.