The BPC has adopted a policy that it uses in routine enforcement actions.

Common violations

BPC inspectors report GROWERS (or private applicators) commonly fail to:

    • wear all the Personal Protective Equipment required by the label
    • calibrate equipment and keep records of the calibration
    • identify sensitive areas and keep records of them
    • keep all of the required application records ( EPA registration number, active ingredient, and restricted entry interval are commonly missing)
    • keep any records
    • store correctly labeled pesticides in a secure location
    • comply with Worker Protection Standards:
    • post Central Information Displays
    • train agricultural workers or pesticide handlers
    • notify workers of application
    • provide decontamination sites within ¼ mile of work site
    • mix the correct rate ratios
    • use a total release aerosol correctly. (often a greenhouse is too small for the size container used)

BPC inspectors report COMMERCIAL APPLICATORS may fail to:

    • provide adequate notice to those listed on the Pesticides Notification Registry
    • renew license

BPC inspectors report LAWN APPLICATORS have been known to:

    • make an application at the wrong address

BPC inspectors report COMMERCIAL APPLICATORS commonly fail to:

    • mix the correct rate ratios. Many labels have different mix ratios for both per square foot and per gallon.