Lethem, Jonathan (1964 - )

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Short Stories

Jonathan Lethem was born in Brooklyn NY and raised by his painter father and political activist mother.

He graduated from the High School of Music & Art where he had studied to become a visual artist but while there, published his own zine The Literary Exchange and wrote an unpublished novel entitled Heroes.

He entered Bennington College in VT, but dropped out half way through when he discovered that he was more interested in writing than in art.

He hitchhiked to California where he lived for many years and began writing and publishing short stories. He returned to Brooklyn in 1996 where he achieved mainstream success as a novelist. His work tends to cross genres, but names as influences in his life and work the writing of science fiction great Philip K. Dick and the John Ford western film "The Searchers."

He lives in Brooklyn NY and Berwick ME with his family.

Selected Bibliography

  • Gun, with Occasional Music (1994)
  • Amnesia Moon (1995)
  • As She Climbed Across the Table (1997)
  • Girl in Landscape (1998)
  • Motherless Brooklyn (1999)
  • The Fortress of Solitude (2003)
  • You Don't Love Me Yet (2007)
  • Chronic City (2009)
  • Fear of Music (2012)