Readers' Advisory

The understanding of the importance of connecting customers of all ages to popular and recreational reading and the ability to assist customers with their reading choices are the key reasons why many are interested in readers' advisory.

About Readers' Advisory

What is readers’ advisory? Simply put readers’ advisory is helping our customers find the best, most enjoyable reading experience that matches their needs, interest and reading levels. It is finding the right book at the right time.


Book Club Resources

  • Good links on Bangor's Reading Ring Blog
  • Information on swap titles, read book reviews, learn of local author talks, find links to book group guides, and more...

Join the Readers Advisory-L - Listserv for Librarians

This listserv will be our vehicle for sharing tips, ideas, successful techniques, RA tools, and information that assists librarians from all sizes and types of libraries as we continue to provide the very best services to citizens across Maine.

Bibliographies for Readers' Advisory

Readers' Advisory [HTML, 52 KB; Readers' [PDF, 151 KB]; Readers' [RTF, 96 KB]
A list of books and articles that are wonderful tools to assist you in providing readers’ advisory services in your library. 

Selected Free Readers' Advisory Websites

Check out good web sites about books and reading. Thanks to Joyce Saricks, National Reader's Advisory Service speaker and writer, for the initial list