About Readers' Advisory

Did you know that readers’ advisory is one of the most popular and fastest growing services in public libraries today? What is readers’ advisory? Simply put readers’ advisory is helping our customers find the best, most enjoyable reading experience that matches their needs, interest and reading levels.  It is finding the right book at the right time.  Today this experience also translates to the spoken word.  It is all about connecting readers with the stories that entertain, inform and educate. The role of librarians and media specialists is to help the reader make these connections.

Satisfied customers

Choosing the right item is often not easy for many library users, especially those who are less familiar with the way we organize our libraries. We want our patrons to view our services favorably because a satisfactory experience generally translates to repeat business. When you find just that right book and have a wonderful reading experience, you want to read more and visit the library more often.  Our best marketing tool is a satisfied customer who spreads the word about the wonderful service he/she received at the library.

Seize the opportunity

Libraries all over Maine have reported increases in circulation.  More people are coming through our doors everyday. The person who is looking for a computer to help find a job might be entering the library for the first time.  What a great opportunity for all of us to show this new customer the stuff that libraries and librarians are made of.

Learn quick RA tips

Do you want to build a reputation within your community as the best, most expert resource in town when they are looking for something to read?  Good readers’ advisory service translates into customer service that will be remembered.  It sends a message to your customers that the library is a vital, lively place where reading and books get first priority.  Before you say “I don’t think I have the skills to match the reader with the right book or I am just too busy to provide this service,” take a minute to read the article Working without a Net by Katie Mediatore Stover. [MARVEL → Academic Search Premier → Search by title and author, persistent link is not working at this time] Stover offers some tips, ideas and tools on passive readers’ advisory that can aid your customers and boost your circulation.