Municipal Partnership Initiative


MaineDOT’s Municipal Partnership Initiative is intended to be a streamlined program to address municipal requests that deal with transportation infrastructure issues on state and state aid highways, encourage economic opportunities, and make improvements to infrastructure to increase its life or correct safety deficiencies.

The program is designed to promote partnerships between MaineDOT and municipalities by leveraging additional resources on a voluntary basis to match limited state resources. The goal is to make improvements to state and state aid highways by utilizing more flexible project delivery methods.

This Work Plan has set aside $8 million in state funding, which is anticipated to leverage another $8 million in local funds annually.

Types of Projects

This program is focused on the road core and may include surface treatments, road reconstruction, drainage improvements, intersection improvements, and more.


This program may be applied to any state or state aid highway where specific betterments are needed. The program is popular and very competitive. Funding is limited.


A three-tiered share approach is used to determine the maximum MaineDOT share based on the current municipal valuation.

  • Municipal Property Valuation less than $150M – 70% State, 30% Municipal, Maximum MaineDOT contribution $875,000
  • Municipal Property Valuation $150M to $350M – 60% State, 40% Municipal, Maximum MaineDOT contribution $750,000
  • Municipal Property Valuation >$350M – 50% State, 50% Municipal, Maximum MaineDOT contribution $625,000

How to Apply

You may contact the regional engineer in your MaineDOT Region Office or your regional planner at 207-624-3300.

For more detailed information on this initiative, please review the 2020 MPI Municipal Guide