Business Partnership Initiative

Business Partnership Initiative


If a municipality and a local business or businesses feel that state highway or state aid highway infrastructure are impediments to them being able to reach their economic potential, this program will allow them to improve a portion of state or state aid highway to enhance the business climate, create new opportunities, or to allow for expansion. This Work Plan sets aside $2 million in state funding which anticipates leveraging another $4 million in local and business funding, annually.

This program is designed to promote public/private partnerships between MaineDOT and municipalities, public utilities, private businesses, and other entities by leveraging additional resources on a voluntary basis to match limited state resources. It will make improvements to state and state-aid highways, often utilizing more flexible project delivery methods when the nature of the highway and project allows.

Types of Projects

Typical projects under this program include improved access to and from state and state aid highways to businesses; improving vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian access and safety; improving local access; and mitigating traffic constraints related to economic development. Projects must provide for:

  • Economic Development & Job Creation
  • Improved Safety
  • Transportation Customer Benefit


Eligibility is extended to projects on state and state aid highways that are related to business development and are sponsored by the local municipality and one or more businesses.


MaineDOT Business Partnership Initiative funding contribution for a project will be capped at 33.3 percent of the total project cost, with a state share not exceeding $1 million. The local community and business(es) will contribute 33.3 percent each.

If a Business Partnership Initiative project is an add-on to an existing MaineDOT project, the Business Partnership Initiative funding portion will only count as MaineDOT’s additional contribution beyond what was previously programmed.

How to Apply

You may contact the traffic engineer in your MaineDOT Regional Office or your regional planner at 207-624-3300.

For more detailed information on this initiative, please review the 2016 BPI Municipal Guide