Overnight parking on State property in Augusta is prohibited by rules promulgated under Maine Revised Statues, Title 25, Section 2906, unless specific authorization is given by the Bureau of Capitol Police. 

If you have a legitimate need and plan to leave your vehicle overnight on State property, you will need prior permission from Capitol Police. The easiest way to do this is to send your request via email to:  CapitolPolice@maine.gov.  Please include the words “Overnight Parking Request” in the subject line of a new or resent email.  This will generate an auto-response indicating that we received your request and will allow us to sort the email for inclusion on our daily log.  This procedure really helps on this end when receiving large numbers of requests.

On the day you are leaving your vehicle overnight, please send your request to us as early in the day as possible (same day is ok) so that we can contact you if there is a potential problem (i.e.: work is scheduled to be done in the lot in which you want to park, etc.…)  Our general email box (capitolpolice@maine.gov) is checked infrequently after 4PM as our office is not staffed during non-business hours. Police officers on patrol only check the general email box periodically in the evening and overnight.

When you receive the auto-response during our business hours, you can assume that your parking request is approved unless you hear otherwise from us.  Other parking restrictions still apply; so, please don’t leave your vehicle in a time limited or other restricted parking area.  Including the information below in your overnight parking requests would be helpful: 

  • Whose name the vehicle is registered under:
  • Vehicle info: Color, Year, Make, Registration State & number
  • Location: Specify where you’d like to park (“State Complex” is not specific enough)
  • Date(s):  Specify the date(s) you’d like to leave it overnight.
  • Emergency contact #: (like a cell phone #)
  • Anything else we should know: (Car has a flat tire, door doesn’t lock, protection order in place, etc.) 

Our business hours are 8 until 4 Monday through Friday.

Thank you, we appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to monitor and control the overnight parking on State property in Augusta. 

Overnight Parking Request Application (Word)

Name of Owner
State Registered